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A Wealth Legacy Plan (WLP) is a strategic foundational insurance-related plan customized to meet your financial goals.

  • Benefits for your Children

    The Wealth Legacy Plan provides a way to create One Million Dollars in lifetime benefits to children.

  • Tax Free Benefit Options

    Create a Tax-Free Lifetime Income stream that you can access after age 60.

  • Medical Benefits For You and Your Family

    Protect yourself and your family with Major Sickness & Death Benefits.

  • Access Funds Without Restrictions

    You are given access to your funds Without Restrictions, penalties or permission prior to age 59.5.

  • Tax Advantages On Growth

    The WLP offer Tax Advantages on the growth, withdrawal, distribution and transfer of wealth.

  • Establish Perpetual Wealth For Your Family

    Take your WLP to the next level of generational wealth by getting a Durable Power of Attorney, a Will and a Family Trust.

The WLP is another financial instrument in my portfolio which serves as another form of savings that is steady and stable.

V. Pittman


My wife and I met Rodney Archer from Family Wealth and our whole life changed, starting with our WLP.

J. Michel


M. Ellison


I have been blessed to connect with like-minded people through Family Wealth.

D. Taylor


I am glad to jump start my grand niece's financial future. She is a wonderful little girl and I look forward to her financial success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Over the  years here are a few common questions that come to mind when we share this ground breaking plan with community members.

I never heard of a Wealth Legacy Plan. What is it?

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How old can a person be to qualify for a WLP?

Why do you mention a Will and Family Trust to accompany the Wealth Legacy Plan?

What are the downsides to a Wealth Legacy Plan?

At what age can a child get a Wealth Legacy Plan?

How many plans can one person have on themselves?

Does Family Wealth provide services for setting up Wills and Family Trusts?

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