Take Back Your Wealth: Moving From Lack to Abundance

TAKE BACK Your Wealth is a modern day Exodus to lead the masses from economic bondage to financial freedom. Learn where lack came from; the forces against your money and the systems that extract your time, energy and resources. 


Learn the importance of family, community and the power of being in agreement and moving toward a common goal. Learn how to achieve Five Star Success Living: Create Passive Income of $24K+ per year, Achieve 700+ Credit Scores, Acquire & Own Real Estate, Eliminate All Debt in 10 Years or Less and Build Equity in Assets of $200K+ all within 10 years. Learn to build upon Five Star Success Living levels to amass enormous and lasting wealth. 

Maximizing Your Money As an Uber/Lyft Driver : Make More Money in Less Time

As your partner, coach, and trainer, I show you how you can make more money driving with Uber and Lyft. In this book, I will show you how I established my successful business with Uber and Lyft; and how you can establish your business success with Uber and Lyft. It can work because it works.

Effective Leaders: Mentor People & Manage Processes

Cut to the chase and get the leadership tools you need without the mumbo jumbo.



Look at Your Boss: Rehabilitation of Your Career

What is the greatest challenge in launching your new career? 
Career Rehabilitation is Painful ~ Let's walk through the journey together ~ Look at Your Boss, Look at Yourself, and make a change! Let's talk about Rehabilitation of Your Career!

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